RPA Automation Testing

Automation tools are setting the IT world ablaze with endless possibilities in which they can fix the age-old problems.

Automation testing -With the advent of RPA tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blueprism and many such, the bot has become the tester. This is a huge boon to the testing industry as now one can truly emulate human behaviour and come up with test coverage that was hard to imagine using testing automation tool.

Below are some real testing scenarios explained where Industry standard testing automation tools fail, but BOTs come to your rescue:

  1. Automation Testing of Legacy desktop based software

Lets talk automation testing of the archaic desktop/web software. Imagine CAD, engineering software designed in 2000s era. (Read CREO). Well, any tester’s nightmare!! Most of the screen is images, your automation screen is not a readable objects, user actions result in changes at no fixed places. Imagine the nightmare of test coverage will be for an automation testing team

We have practically seen this scenario automated with UiPath. With some customisation, you can train the BOT to identify hardest elements on the screen, scroll and validate test results, wait for screen loads, fill the test results on an excel and close the test case. Done and dusted !

2. Automation testing in Variability ridden testing environment  

Another common challenge is that real testing environments are dynamic. Test cases written in controlled environments fail when real life factors like network latency, resource failures (electricity, Software crash) come into play.

Again the BOT here is well, almost a human. It waits patiently to perform an action. Not only that, it can be trained to identify and report lags for analysis later. And guess what, you can have ancillary Bots recording the entire session so issue replication becomes a dream.

3. Regression Testing

This one isn’t that hard to imagine. You can configure robots for tedious re-runs of test cases. No need to hold your breath, waiting for that split second where it all comes apart. Robots will run the scripts night and day, in parallel, if you want.

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