Comparison of Leading RPA Products – UiPath Vs. BluePrism Vs. Automation Anywhere

Disclaimer : The feature set is changing very rapidly for all the 3 vendors so information can become dated very quickly. This is an evolving piece, please feel free to comment to enrich this comparison further
AA  UiPath  BluePrism
 Developer Friendly- Basic developer
Visual design – Faster Implementation
Programming skills required. Ability to create business objects and manage them in the control center

Re – use

Using Smart Adapters – A product feature in AA, unique re-usable automation blocks can be created
Build modular automation and reuse at the workflow level . Extend UiPath functionality via custom activities or various integration.
Can be used for various integration services with different workflow modules hence scoring high on re usability.
Once a library of Blue Prism business objects exists, those objects can be reused across multiple processes
Cognitive Capability
Reasonable accuracy across mediums
Shines in Citrix Automation. Designed for BPO automation
Desktop, web and Citrix automation available
Front Office & BackOffice Robots
Front Office & BackOffice Robots
Back Office Automation Only
(Batch automation /unattended automation)
 Operational Scalability
Capacity of handling Large scale Robot deployment is limited
While debugging features exist in UIPath, they frequently fail/crash in medium/large project
Superior Debugging  allowing you to view all assigned data during runtime and step out of, into and over components flawlessly.
Speed of execution is very high
Very good capacity of handling large scale robot deployments
 Recorders (Macro Readers)
Yes ( Faster process Mapping)
Optional to use and recorded actions can be tweaked. Smart Record, web record and screen record options available
Yes ( Faster process Mapping)
Optional to use and recorded actions can be tweaked
No ( does not Exist). Blue Prism advocates use of Business Objects in automation as opposed to re-usable scripts ( BO can be scaled faster and easier)
Client Server Architecture
 Web Based Orchestrator
Client Server Architecture
App Based Access only
Browser and/or mobile access
App Based Access only
 Process Designer
Script Based
Visual process Designer. lack of control. No coding. Neither C# nor VB script can be run.
Visual Process Designer and complete control. point blank approach . Speed of implementation can be controlled (which is very high) by anchoring browser based automation and through
 Base Technology
Microsoft – Sharepoint WF , Elasticsearch, Kibana
 Very High
Higher cost of deployment
Aggressive , Attractive entry level pricing
High cost of Acquisition
Limited training available only through BP
Limited training available only through BP
High cost of training
Double the cost of UiPath
 Certification and education
Recently Launched
Free online training and certification programs available on UiPath academy
The program features three certifications (Delivery Provider, Capability Provider and Service Provider), each with two levels: silver and gold.
Documentation not available on open forums