If creating visibility amongst C-Suite executive is something that RPA companies, then attending  the right conferences  should be at the top of the ‘to-do’ lists for the sales leaders. I tried to sift the internet for RPA events are conferences.

Some of the trends I noticed:

  • Only Handful of events that are really big on attendance and visibility ( Expect this to change as the space matures
  • Most big events are located in USA and UK.
  • London is the capital of RPA events right now
  • Automation Anywhere is spending big on event sponsorships while BluePrism is keeping its keeping its coffers closed at this stage. BP presence is seen in niche events mainly
  • Asian events are low in number and local in sponsorship at this stage

Here is a list of key upcoming RPA events, their location and sponsorships.  Please keep suggesting more events to make the list more exhaustive

RPA and Artificial Intelligence Summit 2017

27 – 29 November, 2017

Location:  London, UK

RPA Lead sponsor: Automation Anywhere

Other Sponsors: Autologyx, EdgeVerve Systems(An Infosys Company), UiPath, Contextor, EPAM, ISG, KOFAX, NICE, NTT DATA Services, Redwood, Robotic Desktop, Softomotive, Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), Symphony Ventures, WorkFusion



9TH – 11TH JULY 2018

Location: LONDON, UKRPA Events Conferences Banner

Sponsorship Information for 2017

Lead Sponsor – Automation Anywhere

Other Sponsors: Hexaware, Information Services Group (ISG), KOFAX, Redwood, Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), UiPath, Enate, Blueprism


The AI Summit San Francisco

27-28 SEPTEMBER 2017

Location: San Francisco, Regency Center

Diamond Sponsors: Automation Anywhere, c3IOT, Intel Saffron, nvidia

Fourth Annual Automation Innovation conference, “2017: Exploiting the Second Wave,”

December 04 – 06, 2017 – Location: New York

December 12 – 13, 2017 – Location: London

No Information on Sponsors


The AI Summit

13-14 JUNE 2018

Location:  London

Main sponsor- Nvidia

Other Sponsors : Artificial Solutions, intel, Kinoca Minolta, Salesforce, Accenture, ARRIA, AYASDI, CISCO, Crowdflower, Luminoso, Uipath, BBVA, Digital Reasoning, Synechron, Humley, Cognitive scale, Crowdcare, r4, Tamr, Grip ( networking Sponsor)


Robotics Process Automation – Asia

5 – 6 December 2017

Location: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore


Intelligent Automation – Chicago 2018

JULY 30-AUGUST 2, 2018

Location: CHICAGO, IL


Applied AI Summit 2018

5 – 7 February, 2018

Location: London, UK

No Sponsor information on site yet

RPA Cognitive Congress

17-18 JANUARY, 2018

Location: DALLAS, USA

No Sponsor information on site yet


Process Automation & Robotics Summit Asia

September 20 – 21

Location: Intercontinental Grand Stanford, Hong Kong

Lead partner – E& Y

Executive Partner – Automation Anywhere

Associate Partners – Workfusion, UIpAth

Network Partner: Nice

Workforce Mobility Partner: Crown world mobility

Support partner: Invest HK

Knowledge Partner: xpert learning,


Robotic Process Automation Melbourne

September 26 – 27

Location: The Bayview Eden, Melbourne

RPA Lead Partner – Automation Anywhere

Other Partners – Innovior, mindfields, CIGEN


Middle East Robotics Process Automation Forum

5 – 7 February 2018

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2017 Sponsors : Edgeverve, MindFields, Datamatics, UiPAth, KOFAX, E&Y